Louise worked for Kris Witt Accounting from 1993 to 2018.  In 2018, Kris Witt retired and Louise opened her own office to provide bookkeeping services.

With 25 years of experience in a local accounting office, Louise has helped to develop many manual and electronic bookkeeping systems for clients.

Sometimes your tax preparer only needs a manual summary.  Louise can help sort that box or container of papers and provide a summary.  Louise can also help you set up a filing system so your information is already sorted when you need to do a summary.

When you need information posted to a bookkeeping program, there are many choices.  It all depends on what you have time to do and when the information needs to be posted.  Simply Accounting, Quickbooks, Sage are a few of the programs available.  There are more options which could be discussed.

Louise can also calculate Payroll, Worksafe BC, and file GST forms during the year for whatever frequency you need.   If you do the payroll during the year, Louise can calculate and file the annual T4 information from your payroll book or worksheets.

If you provide the contact information for your tax preparer or accountant, Louise will forward any year end reports on your behalf.  These reports would include reconciled bank accounts and basic year end adjustments.

Louise's goal is to provide you with the most efficient bookkeeping system to meet your needs and schedules.


As needed

  • Sorting and Batching Documents
  • Bank Account Reconciliations
  • Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Calculating and Filing GST forms
  • Payroll Calculations
  • Worksafe BC forms Calculations
  • Manual Summaries
  • Bookkeeping Spreadsheets and Reports
  • Preparing and filing ROE's as needed
  • PDF documents to clear space in your home
  • Other ... Let's talk


  • Annual T4's calculated and filed
  • Annual Worksafe BC forms calculated
  • Annual Reports for your tax preparer or accountant

A retainer may be required before services are provided.  The amount will be based on your historical bookkeeping cost or estimation.

At this time, all services are offered at an hourly rate based on the type of service provided.


Bookkeeping by Louise
41 - 1554 Granite Road
Nelson, BC V1L 6T6

Phone 250 352 9858

Email bookkeepingbylouise@shaw.ca